Workers Compensation

ICTM's clinicians have extensive skills and experience in evaluating claims involving diverse health complaints attributed to the workplace. In analyzing claims of injury, ICTM conducts impartial medical, scientific and clinical evaluations, blending advanced scientific analysis with proven causation methodologies.

Since 1975, we have provided evaluative and consultative services to a variety of clients, including: attorneys in private practice, corporate counsel, and insurance claims professionals, as well as municipal, state and federal government officials.

Occupational Health Evaluations

Our in-house occupational medicine doctors are able to provide a comprehensive array of services to assess occupational health issues. Medical Records Review provides a thorough understanding of the medical aspect of each case. This is achieved through extensive research, collection and organization of medical records, chronology of medical treatment and a thorough exploration of the issues of the case. Our expert team of legal nurse consultants initiates the process of collecting, abstracting and analyzing medical records. Our physician review pinpoints the medical issues of a case, defines the complex health questions, and ensures that all of the relevant medical and non-medical records are examined.

Toxicological evaluations of chemical and biological agents and other potential workplace contaminants are conducted based on sound, provable science. Physician Worksite Evaluations or Other Relevant Worksite Evaluations are individualized to address the special circumstances of each incident. Independent Medical Examinations can be arranged. These may include appropriate laboratory evaluations including pulmonary function testing and other specialized tests, evaluation of impairment, and causation analysis.

Testimony and Consultation Services are available from our highly-experienced scientific and medical experts.

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