Professional Staff

Ronald E. Gots, MD, PhD
Debra J. O'Connell, RN, BSN, CLNC

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ICTM's principals are proud of over 30 years of successful, highly-regarded biomedical consulting in litigation, regulation, environmental/occupational medicine, indoor environmental matters and toxicology. Our experience in thousands of matters, particularly toxic tort, mass tort, and specialized chemical regulatory and indoor environmental issues, brings a wealth of experience to and rapid understanding of our clients' needs. That knowledge translated into action generates focused, cost-effective and successful solutions. Because we have "been there and done that," our clients benefit from our breadth of accumulated knowledge, information and data.

Our experienced team recognizes that every client has unique, specialized needs. To accommodate those needs, we combine our knowledge and data with targeted approaches tailored to your particular requirements. Our depth of experience enables us to provide efficient expert assistance. The nature of that experience was discussed by Dr. Ronald Gots, our founder, in a recent interview with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel. For the full text of that interview, click here.

Whether your need involves IEAQ services, single claimant to complex multi-claimant litigation, or regulatory arguments to state or federal agencies, we can help. Our expert understanding of the scientific issues in medicine, toxicology, pharmacology, and numerous related areas complements an intimate understanding of the arena in which we are applying that knowledge.

We offer a highly unique combination of expertise:

  • Mitigating liability;
  • Managing complex mass tort data;
  • Preparing courtroom presentations;
  • Providing health risk communicating;
  • Integrating law, science, and medicine;
  • Performing regulatory risk assessment, and
  • Investigating indoor environmental issues.

Information not clearly communicated is ineffective and costly. ICTM translates complex knowledge into focused, understandable, and persuasive approaches for the desired audience. Reducing financial risk through sound, provable science is the core of ICTM's approach.

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