Independent Medical Exam (IME)

ICTM’s IME services include:

  • Focused IMEs
    • Performed at our offices
    • Performed at agreed-upon remote locations
  • Coordination of large-scale IME’s in multi-litigant matters
    • Logistical coordination
    • Coordination of appropriate clinical specialists
  • General and specific causation
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Class certification based on medical evaluations

Matters in litigation often require independent medical examinations employing case-specific clinical assessment protocols. Clinical assessments by ICTM are designed for the questions posed. Since general causation does not establish individual causation, the latter requires consideration of case-specific exposure and clinical data. Similarly, claims for medical monitoring must be assessed on a case-specific basis considering significance of exposure, increased risk of disease due to that exposure, and the foreseeable benefit of medical monitoring.

As practicing physicians and scientists, ICTM medical experts have published numerous peer reviewed papers concerning toxicological causation, design and conduct of the independent medical examination, and indications, or not, for medical monitoring. ICTM has designed, organized and implemented hundreds of independent medical examinations of individuals, groups, and class representatives claiming injury from exposure to a wide variety of chemical and microbiological contaminants. They have focused on such diverse agents as mold, herbicides (e.g., Agent Orange), pesticides (e.g., Chlorpyrifos), formaldehyde, asbestos, silicone dioxide, environmental allergens, microbial agents and products, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, PCBs, and ethylene oxide. Health complaints in these settings have included environmental / occupational asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, interstitial lung disease, peripheral neuropathy, central nervous system injury, multiple chemical sensitivity, sick building syndrome, toxic encephalopathy, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, cancer, fear of cancer and other future illnesses, risk of cancer, and adverse drug reactions.

In addition, in cases of claimed injury from environmental exposure, our group uses various modeling techniques to assess the organ and tissue levels of such agents as benzene, trichloroethylene, mercury, lead, and PCBs, among others. Individual members of our group have over twenty years of experience in designing, organizing and implementing independent medical examinations, assessing general and individual causation, assessing medical monitoring justification, and challenging requests for class certification.

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