Types of Tort Claims

ICTM since 1997 and through its principals since 1975 has more tort claim experience than any professional consulting group in the country. We have been involved in many thousands of individual claimant matters including toxic torts involving nearly every conceivable chemical, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical claims, drug impairment issues, food borne illnesses, indoor environmental and all other matters involving occupational and environmental exposures. We have also consulted in hundreds of mass tort claims with claimants numbering from 10 to 100,000. These have arisen from groundwater contamination, fires, explosions, tank car accidents, superfund sites, waste treatment and disposal and many others.

Currently we are consulting directly with corporate counsel and national coordinating counsel in many matters of widespread concern such as: asbestos/mesothelioma litigation, benzene litigation, and litigation arising from certain catastrophic national events.

Individual Tort Claims

Individual Tort Claims – ICTM has consulted in thousands of individual tort claims. The alleged causal agents in these cases have been diverse, spanning a vast range of substances, both biological and chemical. ICTM employs a cost-effective, scientific approach which is widely-accepted by experts and the courts.

ICTM - Standard Tort Litigation Support Approach

Mass Tort Claims

Mass Tort Claims – ICTM also has been intensely involved in hundreds of mass tort claims, arising from diverse situations. This includes many of the most publicized cases of the day from Agent Orange to Superfund sites. Responding to an apparent need, we recently developed automated systems for document management, targeting and prioritizing review of medical records for preliminary causation assessment.

ICTM employs a causation analytical process which is widely-accepted by experts and the courts and provides answers to three critical questions:

  • What are the claimed injuries or illnesses and what are the actual injuries/illnesses?
  • Can the claimed agent(s) cause these? (General Causation)
  • Did the claimed agent(s) cause these? (Specific Causation)

The subparts of these analytical components are both scientifically supportable and recognized by the courts in numerous Daubert and Frye rulings.

Multi-Claimant Litigation Support Approach

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