Occupational Health and Safety

A group of workers at the Long Island Lighting Corporation became concerned when they found a white powder in the gas lines. In that powder were some PCB's. ICTM medical staff collected blood from the workers and ordered PCB testing. When the levels returned (all within expected background range), the ICTM physician/toxicologist met with the workers to discuss the results, to recognize and mitigate their concerns and to provide reassurance. The result was an effective resolution.

Risk Management of Chemicals

Per OSHA, Hazardous and toxic substances are defined as those chemicals present in the workplace which are capable of causing harm. In this definition, the term chemical includes dusts, mixtures, and common materials such as paints, fuels, and solvents. OSHA currently regulates exposure to approximately 400 substances.

Safety-Kleen Corporation, a provider of metal washing chemicals and devices to gas service stations, was concerned about potential exposures of end-users. ICTM's industrial hygiene and medical staff reviewed policy and procedure documents, performed testing and made recommendations to lessen potentially hazardous exposures. These recommendations were incorporated into their safety handbook.

Mold Remediation Protocol Review

A national remediation company wanted to expand its services to include mold remediation. ICTM was asked to evaluate the protocols, procedures and training program the company had already developed for its employees. Our review identified multiple necessary additions and/or revisions, particularly with regard to proper containment and ventilation, personal protective gear, appropriate removal practices and criteria for determining whether and when remediation could be accomplished with the occupants in place, or if evacuation was necessary.

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