ICTM is a recognized leader in providing in-depth scientific analysis and medical consulting to support pharmaceutical litigation, toxic torts, personal injury and product liability lawsuits. Our nationally-recognized medical doctors and scientists are known for delivering effective expert witness testimony based on sound, provable science.

Our proprietary TrialMap process provides end-to-end support for all phases of toxic tort and pharmaceutical litigation. In this process, our clients receive the following:

  • Relevant scientific and medical literature reviews,
  • Chronological medical records abstracts,
  • Symptoms and diagnoses before, during and after exposure
  • Symptom comparison charts when multiple claimants are involved, and
  • Our expert opinion regarding causation

Our TrialMap process provides our clients with extensive knowledge, strategic guidance, and tactical approaches to best prepare them at all stages of a matter, including Daubert issues and issues to support or refute causation.

You will find our experts to be well versed in the scientific principles and medical facts pertaining to a wide array of toxic torts, pharmaceutical litigation, personal injury and product liability lawsuits, including such landmark matters as silicone breast implants on behalf of Bristol Meyers Squibb, Viagra on behalf of Pfizer and Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) on behalf of Novartis. All of these were successfully defended.

We are the medical/scientific experts you can count on to limit your risks, support your position with sound, provable science, and stay focused and committed to attaining your goals.

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