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Ronald E. Gots, MD PhD, Physician and Toxicologist will be speaking at the DRI Products Liability Conference (Chemical and Toxic Torts section) in Las Vegas on April 9, 2010.

Having consulted or provided expert help in Toxic Tort matters for over thirty years, I have witnessed the evolution of these claims and the experts who promote them. I am speaking, not of the straightforward and meritorious cases of severe lead poisoning, silicosis, asbestosis in insulators, or the benzene-induced leukemias in the Turkish shoemakers, but of claims prompted by media hype. Those are the claims du jour, some of which begin with real medical issues and quickly expand to incorporate large groups of claimants with dubious or non-existent exposure-related illnesses, but strongly supportive plaintiff experts. I shall discuss the various claims of the day specifically related to the indoor environment, their medical and scientific similarities, and metamorphosis of alleged illness and theories of causation. Since those claims are inextricably linked to the causal concepts proposed by plaintiff experts, I shall begin this discussion with two observations concerning plaintiff expert testimony in scientifically baseless claims.

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